Project objective

The overall project objective is to deliver a sustainable and cost-effective solutions for vibration resistant lightweight CLT floors, primarily designed for large open-floor areas in commercial buildings. Specific objectives:

To optimize long-span CLT floors by proposing novel hybrid floor solutions and by using cost-effective timber layer compositions
To enhance currently limited knowledge pertinent to vibration serviceability issues of lightweight CLT floors through quantification of their dynamic response
To provide novel experimental data on vibration performance of long span CLT floors and to verify and calibrate numerical models through the experimental testing
To develop a metamodel-based stochastic prediction tool for uncertainty quantification of dynamic response of CLT floors induced by human activities
To boost the overall knowledge and awareness regarding CLT applications among all relevant stakeholders in Serbia and Balkan region

Work packages

WP1: Administration and project management

  • Project Coordination
  • Administrative, Legal and Financial Coordination

WP2: Novel CLT strengthening strategies

  • Evaluation of local timber properties
  • Fabrication and static tests of conventional CLT and CLT45 test specimens
  • Fabrication and static tests of hybrid CLT-FRP composite test specimens
  • Fabrication and static tests of hybrid CLT-concrete composite test specimens

WP3: Numerical simulations and metamodeling

  • Upgrade of existing computational tools
  • Development of computational tool for dynamic response analysis
  • Numerical simulations
  • Metamodel development and parameters calibration

WP4: Dynamic experimental testing

  • Modal testing of floor specimens
  • Testing of floor specimens under human-induced dynamic excitation
  • Full-scale dynamic experimental testing

WP5: Dissemination, communication & exploitation

  • Communication strategy, management of project website and social media channels
  • Design and production of printed promotional and educational materials
  • Workshops and event management
  • Sustainable exploitation of Substrate4CLT

Start date: 17.01.2022.

End date: 17.01.2025.

Total budget: 275 000